Teapot - the debut 4 track EP by Cantaloupe - was released on limited edition (500 only) CD on 25th June 2012.

1. Teapot
2. Hubbub
3. Scuttle
4. Horse

“a hazy fiesta of stumbling beats and jagged flourishes that rides along on a synth hook indebted to Afrobeat” Shout4Music

“a pulsing electro-Krautrock workout where the keyboard sounds might as well have come beamed direct from Tomorrow's World in 1982” Sweeping the Nation

“disco-affected art rock and afro pop…At once utterly danceable, bizarrely inspirational and sickeningly infectious” Pocket Jury

All Cantaloupe releases also now come with a free download of the 13 track remix album Recent Papal Ooze Out, featuring remixes by Kogumaza, Moonbabies, Forever Sound, CJ Mirra, Larry Crywater, Blunt Mountains, Jed Skinner, Prickly P, Moscow Youth Cult and Chrononautz