GREY HAIRS - Schmey Hairs (7" vinyl)

Grey Hairs Schmey Hairs was released on limited edition (500 only) transparent yellow vinyl through Hello Thor Records on Monday 9th June.

This is the second single from Nottingham’s premier “midlife crisis rock band” Grey Hairs - described as “Pissed Jeans ripping off Status Quo” and featuring members of Kogumaza, Fists and Fonda 500.

Grey Hairs Schmey Hairs consists of two unique Harry Nilsson covers: Jump Into The Fire and Coconut.

At the Gringo Records 15th Anniversary festival at Nottingham Contemporary in June 2012 Grey Hairs kicked proceedings off with a characteristically face-melting, chaotic, explosively thrilling set. The climax of the band’s set was a cover of Harry Nilsson’s epic, cathartic wig-out, Jump Into The Fire.

There were two members of the Hello Thor Records team at that gig. Unfortunately one arrived too late to see Grey Hairs play and the other had drunk too much wine to remember it. Which is a shame, because we love that song. And Harry Nilsson. And Grey Hairs, for that matter.

Fortunately they got their act together and recorded it and conversations in the pub turned into records...